Un service simple et pratique pour stocker des liens

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Are you tired of chaos of links?
Links in Chrome and Firefox, in bookmarks, on the phone?
Links at home and at work?
Links in text files?
Links to flash and HDD?
You have tried
many WEB services, but they all turned out
to be too inconvenient?
but what's the difference?
The most simple registration
  • You do not need to enter email
  • If you wish, you don’t even need to enter your Login and Password - there is auto-generation
  • No registration confirmation required - you can immediately use the service
Minimum steps to save links
  • The save operation consists of 3 actions
    1. open linkin.link
    2. insert link
    3. press save button
  • The service automatically downloads the website header as a link name - making the links easy to read
Flexibly customizable interface
  • Adding groups. Add subgroups to groups. Change the sequence. Name change
  • Change the position of the group buttons
  • Resizable icon field
  • The choice of light or dark themes of the site
Saving archive of links to your computer
  • Save links in the format TXT
  • Save links in the format HTML
  • Save links in the format XML
  • Save links in the format JSON
Field of icons. All operations are done by 1-3 mouse clicks
  • For each link, you can make an icon. The service automatically tries to download the logo of the site and make it an icon
  • Resize mouse icons
  • Change the location of mouse icons
  • Download jpg/png file from your computer as an icon
  • Download jpg/png file from your computer as an icon
  • Edit/Disable icon caption
  • Changing the position of the icon header
Single interface
Easy tuning